Structure & Function

The GAINS model is the core system in the IMP Ireland project. The model is a techno-economic integrated assessment model which combines information on the sources, interactions and impacts of air pollutants and GHG emissions.

The model is equipped with parameters to consider a growing list of over one thousand measures for the control or reduction of emissions to air across all sectors of an economy. The GAINS Ireland model is a mirror instance of the GAINS Europe model which facilitates independent calibration and modification of that core system for nationally focused research, negotiation and policy needs. The basic functions and components of the model are outlined in Figures 1 and 2 below, with a more detailed schematic of the model interactions presented in Figure 3.

The GAINS Model - Very SImple Functionality

Figure 1: Basic components of the GAINS model function

the GAINS Model

Figure 2: Capacity and scope of the GAINS model

Climate Air Policy Schematic

Figure 3: More detailed operational schematic of the GAINS model