Reports & Papers

The following is a list of project related reports, papers and briefing documents. In certain cases personal meeting notes and so forth are not available directly to download but can be provided on request to members of the project steering group.

Report #44

European Environmental Directives

  • Author: EnvEcon

An independent report by EnvEcon relating to the challenges Ireland faces in regards to a number of Environmental Directives. The piece considers the role of national capacities in meeting these challenges, the potential penalties and the available flexible mechanisms.


Report #43

Air Climate Synergies & Tensions - GAINS and TIMES (Draft)

  • Author: EnvEcon and UCC

This report is the  culmination of a collaborative research initiative between EnvEcon (GAINS Ireland model) and UCC (Irish TIMES model). The work draws upon the integrated analytical capacities of the GAINS Ireland model to assess climate and air pollution outcomes, the detailed energy system optimisation capacities of the Irish TIMES model, and a health and environmental impact assessment methodology for air pollution developed by EnvEcon.

The main objective of the work was to  highlight the potential synergies and/or tensions of climate focused policy on air pollution outcomes in Ireland.


Report #40

Irish Policy Position Summaries

  • Author: IMP Ireland team

Five concise 'Policy Snapshot' pages outlining some perspectives from the IMP team in relation to:

  • NOX emissions in Ireland
  • NH3 emissions in Ireland
  • Particulates and Health in Ireland
  • SO2 and VOC emissions in Ireland
  • NECD 2025 and NETS 2013-2020 Targets


Report #39

GAINS Ireland Update Report

  • Author: IMP Ireland team

A technical reference report outlining and recording work with the GAINS Ireland model in the recent phase of work.


Report #37

Submission on potential reforms for VRT and Motor Tax in Ireland

  • Author: IMP Ireland team

Description: Conclusions and suggestions in regard to a potential revision of the Irish VRT and Motor Tax system. This piece was based on related research in the IMP Ireland project. This brief is only available on request to members of the steering group.

(special request only)

Report #36

Sectoral Focus Report I - Transport

  • Author: IMP Ireland team

Description: The purpose of these sectoral focus reports is to examine aspects of the IMP Ireland modelling and calibration work with a view to progressively improving model parameters and derived model outputs. This first SFR deals with transport. Available to SG members on request.

(special request only)