The following are project related presentations made during the course of the work. Presentations are in Adobe PDF format and should not be modified, distributed or copied without the author's permission.

Presentation #23

Attainability of Ceilings

  • Author: Dr. Kelly at the 40th TFIAM meeting in Oslo

Description: A presentation requested by the chair of TFIAM in respect of the attainability of various ambition levels in the context of the Gothenburg Protocol revision for 2020.


Presentation #22

IMP Ireland SG 5

  • Author: Dr. Kelly at the 5th Steering Group

Description: The fifth steering group meeting for the IMP Ireland project. The presentation outlines progress to this point and plans for the coming phase of work.


Presentation #21

Minimising the Costs of Reducing Emissions from Road Transport

  • Author: Dr. Kelly at UCD - TCD Innovation Alliance Transforming Ireland

Description: Dr. Kelly presented at this meeting in Trinity College in a session chaired by Tom O Mahony of the Dept. of Transport. The presentation drew on work within the project related to transport. The piece concluded with a set of policy priorities.

(special request only)

Presentation #20

IAM Overview

  • Author: Dr. Kelly to TXB Research Community

Description: A presentation to the second meeting of the Irish transboundary research community. The presentation offers a recap of IAM modelling and some specific thoughts on passive and direct interactions with the Irish TXB research community.


Presentation #19

Research Poster

  • Author: IMP Ireland team

Description: A research poster was developed and presented at a selection of events. A detailed poster of the TREMOVE Ireland work is also available.


Presentation #18

GAINS and Policy

  • Author: Dr. Kelly to TASG at the Custom House

Description: A light introduction to the GAINS model and its associated policy relevance. Delivered to the TASG. Available to members of the SG on request.

(special request only)

Presentation #17

IAM - The IMP Ireland Project

  • Author: Dr. Kelly at the 38th TFIAM Meeting in Dublin

Description: A presentation of the original premise, subsequent progress, and current plans for the IMP Ireland project led by AP EnvEcon.


Presentation #16

Flexibilities - Part 2

  • Author: Dr. Kelly at the 38th TFIAM Meeting in Dublin

Description: A follow-on presentation of earlier work on potential Flexmex. This piece discusses some extended quantified analysis of selected options.


Presentation #14

Presenting Uncertainty

  • Author: Dr King at NIAM in Laxenburg Mar 2010

Description: A presentation of IMPI work on a practical method of accounting for and presenting uncertainty within emissions forecasts.