General Overview

The Integrated Modelling Project Ireland is focused on the dynamic development and application of analytical capabilities in respect of climate and transboundary air pollution modelling and policy.

The developed capacities include methodological and technical developments for multi-sectoral emissions, costs, policy and effects analysis. These technical capacities are principally embodied in the GAINS (Greenhouse Gas Air Pollution Interaction and Synergies) Ireland model, the TREMOVE model, and in-house macro-modelling. The IMP team provides the intellectual capital, contacts and experience necessary for the application of these tools in support of research and policy challenges.

The most recent period of work advanced upon the initial national capacity building project by focusing research efforts on sustaining the dynamic calibration of the model, advancing more technical elements of the model setup, generating new policy research, and applying the model in direct support of climate and air policy development and research in Ireland and internationally. This recent phase of work overlapped with the European "Year of Air" (2013) as well as the Irish Presidency of the European Union (January to June 2013).

The next phase of IMP Ireland work is underway and broadly will focus upon cost and impact assessment aspects of the modelling as well as extending the development and calibration of the model in respect of GHG emissions and controls.