Phase 1

August 2011

IMP Project Close

The team are completing all final tasks under the project and preparing final research outputs for release.

June 2011


The team are in the final calibration phases of the GAINS Ireland model for the Non-traded sector climate target analysis that will allow completion of a report and paper on this topic.

April 2011

Reports and Reporting

Draft work on a final report has begun, and the team continue to work on the final batch of papers and reports under the current project.

March 2011


Dr. King attended the back to back EC4MACS and NIAM meetings in Laxenburg. Presenting twice in regard to national IAM activities and challenges in respect of NOx compliance.

March 2011

Papers Progress

The team continue to focus on final reports and papers, with specific effort invested in the Non-ETS piece. This work requires careful setup and calibration of the GAINS Ireland modelling system to conduct the relevant optimisation runs. The team are working with groups nationally and internationally to this end.

March 2011

Flexible Working Policy

The team are making considerable progress on the flexible working policy piece having recently completed a national GIS excersise involving the clipping of districts and collation of explanatory factors. Work to link explanatory factors to these districts is ongoing.

February 2011

Reports and Papers

The team continue to work on a number of policy reports and academic papers. Examples include the Non-ETS piece, and a scenario assumptions report which will serve as a useful accompaniment to the new GAINS scenarios. Three submitted papers are currently under review.

January 2011

New Year Scenario

The team have received new energy scenarios which they are working to adopt in to the model. Updated agricultural scenario data are also pending.

January 2011

VRT and Road Tax

The team are compiling an analysis on revisions to VRT and Road tax for submission to the Dept. of Finance.

January 2011

TFIAM 39 Stockholm

Dr. King is due to attend and participate in the Task Force meeting in Stockholm in February.