Phase 3

December 2016

Project Complete

The project has been completed and all final deliverables have been provided to the EPA.

November 2016

Final Deliverables

The IMP project will finish in December 2016 and the team are now wrapping up all outstanding final deliverables. The residential heat pump paper has been published, and the AADT paper is under final review as of November 2016. The Climate-Air Synergies report is also being prepared for release by the EPA as one of their formal reports. In addition the team have submitted the transport policy brief to the EPA, and have a revised version of MDV guidebook methodology report. The team will shortly begin work on the final project report to be submitted at the end of November, in advance of final administrative work in the first week of December.

July 2016

TRAM, Reporting and Other Deliverables

The team have continued to provide support to TRAM and associated groups as negotiations continue on the ESD, and as Ireland plans for the short and longer-term needs with regard to the National Mitigation Plan. In parallel work continues with the core project deliverables. The 2016 scenario set has been compiled for testing, two papers are under IPR review (hoping for publication in this final phase), and work is underway on the transport policy brief analysis drawing on the fleet and TREMOVE modelling capacities of the team. Additionally, the MDV methodology report mentioned in the last update has been submitted to the Agency and stakeholders for review. On receipt of comments this will be finalized and released.

The team are also now finalizing requisite reporting in July.

May 2016

TFIAM and WPs Progress

Dr. Kelly will travel to the TFIAM meeting in May to deliver presentations on two of the recent research deliverables under the project. These are the AADT paper and the ASHP paper. The Task Force will also provide updates on the evolution of EU and UN policy more broadly.

The team are expecting to update these papers now having received comments from the Steering group, departments and international colleagues. However, the final revisions will be held off until the last of the journal reviews have been received. At that point all input will be considered in producing the final research deliverables.

As part of the ongoing IMP project the team expect to have a detailed MDV methodological document drafted in the current phase for the Departments to review. The objective is to provide material that can strengthen the case for the use of the MDV guidebook in policy decision making. The subsequent focus of the team will be on the fleet modelling research brief.

With regard to TRAM and EU policy, there are expectations that a new reference scenario will be completed in GAINS by the end of June. The team are hoping to have final national data before this point to finalise a current national scenario in the system. Analysis will be offered on the EU reference proposal to the TRAM group.

March 2016

Policy Research, TRAM and Next Steps

The team currently have two policy papers under review with International journals. The first of these is the piece dealing with the air source heat pumps and residential electrification in Ireland, whilst the second has developed annual average daily traffic estimates for every road in Ireland. The latter paper has been the primary focus of the team in the current phase of the project. Along side this work, the team have continued their research driven support of the TRAM group across a range of issues.

Over the next phase the team are focusing on the methodological report to accompany the MDV guidebook, and also initiating work in relation to the fleet modelling research requested at the last steering group meeting.

January 2016

Completions and Extension

The team finalized all work as planned in December - including the Air/Climate Synergies piece and the submitted draft of the residential heating paper. At this point the team also secured an extension to the project to deliver a number of further research products of interest to the steering group. These will include a paper relating to the spatial analysis of transport emissions, fleet modelling research, a methodological report for the Marginal Damage guidebook, 2016 scenario sets and other policy and research support.

November 2015

Finalisation of Air-Climate Synergies Piece

The team are finalising their work in regard to the air-climate synergies piece. This research brief has involved a collaborative engagement with UCC and the Irish TIMES model. The brief will be submitted to the EPA this month before final release.

October 2015

SG Meeting and TIMES Link

The team will have a steering group meeting this month and will work with UCC to build in their input on the joint climate and air synergies piece.

September 2015

Research and Presentation on Clean Air Policy

The team conducted research to estimate the marginal benefits associated with displacement of residential use of coal (all types) and other solid fuels (peat and wood products). The research was completed and presented at a DECLG event where the Minister announced plans for a nationwide Smoky coal ban.

September 2015

Residential Policy Paper

The residential policy paper which will consider the displacement of oil or solid fuels with air source heat pumps is nearing a final draft. This will be internally reviewed before being sent for publication.